About Brazilians and Our Meats

Brazil is known, worldwide, for their churrascarias and now, Myrtle Beach has a chance to experience one of the most flavorful ways to experience those specially grilled meats and baked breads. The meat is hand-cut Certified Angus beef, pork, poultry, and fish that is skewered and roasted to perfection, bursting with goodness.

Our History


As Carolina Forest grew, we could feel the call for an authentic local Brazilian steakhouse. So, in 2019, to accommodate the growing population, we opened the first in the area. With an elegant old world setting, a full bar, table seating and a secluded room for private functions, Brazilian Steakhouse and Bakery became and continues to be a sought after destination for locals and tourists, alike, including golf players from all over the country.

For over forty-six years, Brazilian Steakhouse and Bakery has been dedicated to providing the finest aged, corn-fed prime and Certified Angus Beef and other prime cuts of meat, poultry and fish available at affordable prices.



Thank you for dining with us.


Our vision is to bring the classic taste of the old churrascarias to Myrtle Beach, SC and help locals and tourists experience perfectly grilled meats and premium baked breads in a classic, old world setting, reminiscent of home.


Our mission is to make sure that each guest has an experience they want to come back for by serving up authentic and flavorful Brazilian meats, offering the warmest welcome on the Grand Strand, and giving back to the neighborhood, so we can help Myrtle Beach, SC be a place everyone loves, for both customers and our families.


The choices we make about the food we put in our bodies directly impacts our health, so we provide Certified Angus beef, as well as prime cuts of other meats, poultry and fish in order to support our belief that our health is a result of the choices we make.