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Once the bounty of the lands of Rio Grande do Sul teemed with lush, fertile soil and the herds of cattle that fed off of them. And the gauchos, or cowboys, herded the cattle and worked the land, establishing their own unique cooking style called the churrasco.
The churrasco was the beginning of the barbecue style that permeates Brazilian culture now and that we at Brazilian Steakhouse and Bakery aim to bring to the Myrtle Beach area.
Stroll through the churrascaria, brimming with flavors and aromas of meat of all kinds being grilled right in front of you, find what you love or are curious about. And when you’re done, your plate is weighed and you only pay for the weight of what you’ve chosen.


Full Bar


Brazilian Bakery


Happy Fourth of July!

This Independence day, all Kids get a complimentary treasure hunt.

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Receive a 10% discount when you register your company of 6 or more employees.

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Receive a 10% senior discount as a guest over the age of 65.

Why Brazilian?

Because the Brazilian process of roasting the right cuts of meat is a process that has been perfected over the centuries. When the gauchos of the 1800’s dug their pits and roasted prime cuts of meat to feed their teams or when the men of the mid-20th century went to work building the roadways of Brazil, it was this process of roasting prime meats that fed the masses. And fed them well.
And the breads from the bakery, especially the cheese bread and the Guaraná Antártica, are the perfect accompaniment to the savory and succulent meat, specialty sides, and salad options offered.
Experience the churrascarias, right here in Myrtle Beach, SC.


Our Food Menu

Grilled to utter Brazilian perfection by our trained chefs, enjoy a large protein selection of beef, pork, poultry and fish with a delicious and nutritious salad from the salad bar and the specially crafted hot sides dishes, just like our mothers made.



Group Reservations

Special groups are always welcome. For reservations, please contact us for more information about our private dining room and catering!



Beverage Menu

From fountain drinks to a full bar and a carefully curated wine list, you will find the perfect accompaniment to your expertly prepared Brazilian-style meats and sides.



Carry-Out Menu

Take the taste of Brazil wherever you like with our on-the-go carry-out options.



Kid’s Menu

Don’t worry! We know how things can be when it comes to getting kids to taste new flavors, so they have the option to select from a delicious a la carte menu that is suited to their palate, as well.



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Brazilian Bakery

The aroma in the bakery will drive you mad, almost as mad as the aroma of the churrasco. Enjoy our unique and satisfying selection of desserts, breads, coffees and more in our Brazilian bakery where everything is prepared and baked on site.
working hours

Working Hours

Because every day is a great day for delicious breads and desserts, we’re open DAILY!

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Operation hours open all day: 11:00 as 22:00 steakhouse no lunch and dinner.
One price all day.

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